About Me

I created this webpage a while ago when I was a student. The initial purpose is to showcase my projects to employers, which has worked out pretty well. Now the battle is over, fun begins! I will update it whenever and wherever I have new ideas and open source code!

In my words:

I love data and hard questions. Having been a journalist in the giant metropolises of Bejing (CCTV) and New York (UN Headquarter), I was fascinated by the power of communication in transforming technology’s future. I deploy flexible code in large-scale distributed data processing systems. By quickly understanding decision-makers’ rules, I turn statistical inferences and predictive models into actionable insights. My passion for chasing the big issues is matched only by my desire to implement big-data solutions.

Tech stack: Python, SQL, Scala, Bash, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, Spark, Redshift, ETL, AWS, Vim, Git, Linux, Tableau


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